In the early summer of 2019, Davina was looking for some new bikinis and swimsuits , specifically high cut pieces, but she couldn't find any in the local stores.

"I loved looking trough my mother's old pictures and she always had the best bikinis on the beach! Strong colours and bold cuts, zippers and big matching earrings along scrunchies, big curly hair and tanned skin, her style in the 80s and 90s was absolutely amazing! "

Inspired and encouraged by her mother, she had some custom suits made. Soon, she attended a music festival called "Neversea" that was held at the seaside, so it was the perfect chance to wear her new custom made pieces.


"I've never expected such a reaction, so many girls stopped me and asked where did I get my bikini from. I had only positive feedback and compliments so I decided to make more and try to sell them. Thats how it all started.

It was quite a challenge finding the right materials and designing the swimsuits from scratch, with only some old pictures as a reference, but today we have an online shop with two collections launched, and the third on the way."

And this story doesn't even have a year yet.